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We are Canada’s premiere Niche Contractors! If you can’t find anyone else to do your commercial or governmental grade job, talk to us!

ProTouch Contracting was started with a passion due to hunger and evolved to a momentum of excitement, to feel free from labels subjected by skills, education and background. We want to provide something we could be proud of, to know that once it was completed, we would have no regrets. We knew that from hard work stemmed an opportunity to meet those who were like-minded. We just happen to be in construction and environmental remediation.

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Our teams shrink and expand to meet your job requirements. That way you’re only paying for the labour and overhead you need! We have a dedicated ecosystem of talented and scouted contracting and construction experts that make up our fleets. We have an extreme amount of gratitude to these teams who work hard and smart to bring your visions to life.

George Johnson
George JohnsonCommercial Director
Elizabeth Berkley
Elizabeth BerkleyController
Andrew Quinley
Andrew QuinleySenior Estimator

Recent Works

More work will be posted soon, as we’re redoing our site currently. In the meantime, here are two dust ceiling containment jobs completed recently.

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