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What Is A Ceiling Containment System?

A ceiling containment system is put in place to protect customers, workers, and product from dust, debris, water leakage and general risk during ceiling replacement, re-roofing, or other construction projects going on in the building. Some companies may close their doors during this type of work, but for some that can be avoided if an interior barrier system is implemented, saving money and headache.

With a strong, durable ceiling containment system from ProTouch Contracting, you can keep everyone in your facility safe, and get through your project with fewer hassles and headaches.

We can provide ceiling containment installation to companies of any size – from small grocery stores to large food manufacturing plants and more, we do it all at ProTouch Contracting. Contact us today to inquire about pricing, scheduling, and availability, and get the ceiling containment installation you need from ProTouch Contracting.

Ceiling containment crane worker
Partial Office Ceiling containment tarping

The Benefits Of Ceiling Containment Systems From ProTouch Contracting

Wondering why you should invest in a ceiling containment system from ProTouch Contracting during a project that involves work on the roof or ceiling of your facility? Here are a few great benefits of working with us to build a ceiling containment system.

  • No need to shut down your facility – Whether your business is involved in industrial manufacturing, commercial shipping, or even retail like a grocery store or other retail store, our ceiling containment systems can prevent the spread of dirt, debris, and dust, and keep your workers, visitors, and customers safe.There’s no need to shut down your facility – with a protective barrier in place from ProTouch Contracting, a business can proceed as usual, and so can work on your ceiling or roof.
  • Simplify cleanup after ceiling work is finished – With a ceiling containment system, your contractors and workers will not have to clean up debris and dust from the work you’re doing on your roof. Once your ceiling containment system is removed by ProTouch Contracting, we’ll ensure that we dispose of any debris and dirt that remains within the protective barrier.
  • Prevent water damage to your building – Water damage is a common problem during roofing projects, particularly if there are leaks and drips that are not noticed during the work that’s done on your roof or ceiling. Even a small water leak can seriously damage the interior of your building, especially if it contacts electrical wiring or equipment. With waterproof ceiling containment systems from ProTouch Contracting, you can protect yourself from leaks during roof or ceiling repair projects.

With a ceiling containment system from ProTouch Contracting, you won’t have to worry about damaging your building, shutting down operations during roofing repairs, or water damage – so don’t wait.

If you need to repair your roof in Canada, contact ProTouch Contracting for ceiling containment installation!

We’re The Only Company Offering Below-Sprinkler Ceiling Containment Systems

Our proprietary LDPE (low-density polyethylene) ceiling containment system can be installed below your building’s sprinkler system without interfering with your sprinkler system’s ability to fight fire.

This is because, despite its durability, our ceiling containment system melts at a low temperature of 107° C (225 °F). When exposed to high heat from a fire, it quickly and safely melts away – typically, this happens before the sprinkler system has even been activated. In fact, this is safer than installing plastic above the sprinkler system, as it’s less likely to melt and clog the nozzles of the sprinklers.

This means that with a ProTouch Contracting ceiling containment system, you can benefit from much lower labour costs – there’s no need to take the time to install a ceiling containment system above your sprinkler system. We’re the only company in Canada offering this unique ceiling containment system – so contact us now!

Sealed office ceiling containtment tarping
Finished office ceiling containtment tarping

Contact us for Below-Sprinkler, Ceiling Containment Systems across Canada

A ceiling containment system is essential whenever you are conducting repairs or modifications on a ceiling or roof in a commercial, industrial or institutional building – and at ProTouch Contracting, we are the best choice for ceiling containment system installation in Canada.

Thanks to our unique, below-sprinkler ceiling containment systems, we can install your system more quickly and with lower labour costs – which saves you both time and money. So don’t wait. If you need help with ceiling containment installation anywhere in Canada, ProTouch Contracting in here to help.

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