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We Specialize In Concrete Repair And Restoration Services across Canada!

If you need structural concrete repairs anywhere in Canada, ProTouch Contracting is here to help. We work with commercial and multi-residential customers of all sizes to provide expert concrete repair and restoration services in Canada, and repair concrete that has been damaged by the elements or construction mishaps.

Read on, and see why we’re one of the best concrete slab repair companies in the business.

Men prepping a foundation for a concrete repair with a large jackhammer.
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Crane used in a concrete repair of highway ramp support pillar.
Fixing cracked sidewalk and road in a concrete repair services contract.

Commercial Concrete Crack Repair – Restore Your Building Before It’s Too Late!

Concrete cracks can happen anywhere in concrete buildings, particularly in large, commercial structures like high rise buildings, parking garages, stadiums, and warehouses, and industrial plants. Cracks in ramps, flooring, and even concrete slabs can happen due to wear and tear from foot traffic, the use of heavy machinery, or even improper installation or waterproofing.

Very small, hairline cracks in concrete structures are typically not a cause for concern, but larger cracks can quickly spread and become worse. In some cases, a serious crack or damage to your concrete can seriously compromise the structural integrity of the building.

That’s why you need to work with ProTouch Contracting for commercial concrete crack repair. We have years of experience in this field. We will analyze the crack, determine its source and the extent of the damage, then create a custom concrete crack repair plan to restore your structure.

Thanks to our unique knowledge of structural concrete and specialty concrete mixes, we can quickly repair cracks and restore your slab, wall, floor, or any other concrete structure.

Fix Leaks & Protect Your Building With Commercial Concrete Roof Repair

Concrete roofs are not immune to leaks and can become worn down over time. Acid rain, for example, can wear down the concrete over time and cause hairline fractures and other imperfections. Over time, these can lead to leaks.

To help prevent this, we recommend yearly inspections of your commercial concrete roof – this allows you to identify potential damage, cracks, and other issues before they lead to water damage and leaks.

If you do notice a leak in your commercial concrete roof, though, ProTouch Contracting can help. We specialize in restoring all types of concrete, including roof structures. We can assess your roof, apply concrete and specialized sealants, and prevent further damage to your roof and its underlying structures.

From driveways and slabs to structural supports, roofs, and more, we can handle projects of any type and size. Whether you need crack repairs and restoration or require a more in-depth, complex concrete restoration for your building or structure, our team is here to help.

The Benefits Of Choosing ProTouch Contracting – Why We’re The Best Choice For Concrete Repair

Not sure why you should pick ProTouch Contracting for concrete repair in Canada? Here are just a few reasons.

  • Experienced concrete specialists – Our team of concrete specialists is the best in the business. We can quickly assess the damage to your concrete, create a plan for restoration, and begin your project right away, ensuring you avoid further damage and complications.
  • We work closely with our partners – We are dedicated to excellent customer service and will work hand-in-glove with you and your team to repair your concrete structure. With regular check-ins and project updates, we always keep you informed about our progress and estimated project time, providing you with peace of mind.
  • No job is too big or too small – From slab repair of commercial buildings to repairing concrete roofs on industrial buildings and replacing driveways in condos and apartment complexes, we do it all.Whether you’re worried about a small hairline crack or you notice serious damage to your concrete structure, we’re here to help you diagnose the issue and fix the problem.
Cleaning, sealing and waxing a large concrete repair in garage foundation layer.
ProTouch staff planning out a strategy in a concrete repair job.

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At ProTouch Contracting, we’ve been one of the leading commercial concrete repair and concrete slab repair companies in Canada for years, and we’re proud to serve customers throughout the country.

With our deep expertise, dedication to customer satisfaction, and advanced knowledge of concrete, we’re always here to help you get the services you need for your commercial or industrial building in Canada.

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