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Ontario, Canada

Interior protective barrier solution

We created an interior ceiling dust barrier, or ceiling containment wrap, across the entire ceiling of Honeywell’s headquarters in Ontario. This is meant to protect all assets from possible damage that could happen during the re-roofing process or other construction to the building, allowing work to carry on uninterrupted.

We install these interior tarp barriers below the sprinklers, as we’ve been able to do this effectively and affordably while passing fire safety tests. Our process does not interfere with sprinkler spray patterns.

We bring in all equipment necessary and are able to complete these jobs strategically while causing very little interruption to the environment we are working in. Any furniture we move, we reinstate after the work is complete.

Project Details


October 7, 2020




ProTouch Contracting

Project Gallery

Final ceiling containment waterproofing job
Finished office ceiling containtment tarping
Partial Office Ceiling containment tarping
Waterproofing Ceiling Containment
Sealed office ceiling containtment tarping
Ceiling containment crane worker

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