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Brampton, Ontario

Interior protective barrier solution

Zehr’s Market is a prime example of how valuable interior building and ceiling protection can be! If it weren’t for this service grocery retailers, manufacturers, clothing stores, etc., would all need to close their operations AND manually protect their product during construction projects. Most commonly, re-roofing work that can rattle dust, water or even insulation, steel or stone debris onto your valuable product.

Plus, if you try to stay open, you put your staff and visitors at risk for slip and fall injuries, WSIB claims and of course lawsuit or other insurance claims and hassle.

As seen here, we installed a beautiful ceiling containment wrap across the entire ceiling of Zehr’s Market in Brampton, Ontario, just outside of Toronto. We used temporary Suspended polyethylene tarpaulin, plastic sheeting, installed effectively and affordably while passing fire safety tests. Our process does not interfere with sprinkler spray patterns.

We bring in all equipment necessary and are able to complete these jobs strategically while causing very little interruption to the environment we are working in. Any furniture we move, we reinstate after the work is complete.

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October 7, 2020


Zehrs Market


ProTouch Contracting

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